Protecting Your Game

Providing modern and effective solutions to protecting your games

Our Mission

Combining education with ready-to-go solutions, we hope to be your all in one solution to protecting your games.

Accurate Documentation

All of our solutions are well documented and relatively straight-forward to learn using our plethora of documentation and frequent threat breakdowns in our blog.

Multiple Delivery Models

Depending on the requirements for your game, we will use a range of monitoring and malicious code detection methods.

Cross Platform

Given our systems are designed to work with the Unity game engine, our solutions are mostly platform independent.

Our Team

Zachary Wathen

Founder & Lead Developer
Zachary leads the development for all Scout Anti-Cheat Solutions and the Scout.ac website. Fluent in C++, C#, C, JS, PHP Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science 5 + Years experience working with cheats and anti-cheats.
“A balanced solution for our single player unity game”
Sara Jones

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