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What is an Overlay? #

An overlay refers to a window that remains on top of a target process even while the target process is focused and being accessed.

What is ESP? #

ESP stands for extrasensory perception. In the world of cheating, it’s the use of an overlay to draw information to the screen that would not be visible to a legitimate player. An example of this would be to draw boxes around a player that is not in line of sight for the player.

Detection #

There are multiple ways to implement a detection for the common overlay methods, but Scout Lite will simply enumerate the window handles and locate windows that have styles that are suspicious. Upon a violation occurring, the specified UnityEvent in the Scout Manager will be invoked.

Although it’s fairly suspicious for a window to be on top of the game window for an extended period of time, there’s many legitimate applications that use overlays and thus this detection should only trigger punishments when paired with other more serious violations.

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